QTPEN Memorial Scholarship

Applicant Requirements and Process

We are thrilled to welcome all scholarship applicants to the Bloodwork Matters Inc. scholarship program dedicated to supporting individuals pursuing studies in medical technology. This scholarship is established in honor of Josephine Merka, an exemplary medical technologist whose passion for the field inspired many and whose legacy continues to influence the next generation of her field.

We understand the importance of education and training in this field and are committed to providing financial assistance to individuals who are passionate about pursuing a career in medical technology. This scholarship is a unique opportunity for individuals to take the first step towards realizing their dreams and making a positive impact on the lives of patients. Whether you are just starting your education journey or are returning to the field, we encourage you to apply for this scholarship and take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

With this scholarship, we hope to support the growth and development of the medical technology community and ensure that individuals have access to the education and training they need to succeed. So, we welcome you to apply for this scholarship and embark on a rewarding and meaningful journey in the field of medical technology.

In memory of Josepine’s legacy and upbringing as a person of Filipino heritage, we are seeking out individuals who are:

  • Currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology or Associate of Science in Medical Technology program, or has been accepted to commence studies in a Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology or Associate of Science in Medical Technology program.
  • Able to demonstrate financial need
  • Able to provide evidence of community engagement
  • Able to maintain a minimum cGPA of 3.0
  • Of Filipino/Filipino-American descent

Please note that in order to be considered for selection, there are some key requirements that must be met:

  • The application must be fully completed and accompanied by all necessary documentation
  • An unofficial transcript signed by the Registrar will be accepted
  • Official High School transcripts for new students are required
  • The selection committee will continuously review applications as they are received
  • Applicants will be ranked based on their demonstrated financial need, with community engagement and academic achievement (GPA) being taken into consideration in the case of equal financial need
  • Awards will be granted on March 19th annually
  • Recipient will become a student member of PAMET NV; initial cost paid by Bloodwork Matters Inc
  • The tuition award will be paid directly to the Office of the Bursar
  • Applications can be submitted electronically to [email protected] once completed


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