We will be hosting our next potluck and monthly meeting on Saturday, October 8 at 11am. We are delighted to be hosted by Ramesis and Eloisa Reyes. Please bring your favorite food and join us for another wonderful event. It will be on 8828 Streaming Thunder, Las Vegas, NV 89148.

The Reyes family will also have a Welcome Baby shower of diapers and wipes for 2-month old baby Clair Lois. Please click on this link if you are interested in gifting diapers and wipes for the Reyes family. We hope to see you there!

We would like to extend a big thank you to all those who participated. We hope to see you on our next event - The 18th Biennial National Convention & 34th Founding Anniversary. If you are interested in buying tickets to our upcoming convention, click here to get your tickets. See you there!


          1.1     This organization shall be called the Philippine Association of Medical Technologists -USA, Nevada Chapter, Inc.

          1.2     It's official acronym shall be PAMET-USA, Nevada Chapter.

          1.3     It is a non-profit, non sectarian and non-partisan organization


         The organization shall pursue the following objectives:

         2.1     To unite Filipino Medical Technologists in an organization that  maintains their  common welfare and interests.  

         2.2     To secure recognition and employment of the rights And privileges to which  we are justly entitled to as members.

         2.3    To provide assistance to members for any licensure and certification preparation.

         2.4    To promote continuing education and employment opportunities that enhance professional growth and development

         2.5    To serve as source to all the current members and prospective members and to the community in general.

         2.6     To develop and formulate strategies to act on issues, legislation and  public  policies that may affect the Medical Technology profession

         2.7    To maintain our affiliation in good standing with PAMET-USA  


          3.1      Membership is open to anybody of Filipino ancestry who has a degree, or a part-time or full-time student in Medical Technology, or any clinical lab related profession, a resident in the State of Nevada and who is supportive of promoting our professional and cultural well being

          3.2     "Active member" is defined as a non-student member who has paid his/her annual dues as well as any other assessments and who has participated in at least one chapter activity.

          3.3      " A Chartered member" is an active Associate member who joins the organization during the first six months of it's inception, and who pays the charter associate membership dues.

          3.4       Associate membership is open to any non-Filipino who has a Medical Technology degree and/or any clinical lab related  profession and who is  supportive of the organization's objectives. They are entitled to vote but may not hold office..

          3.5       A member may terminate his/her membership by writing a letter of resignation addressed to the executive board.

          3.6       Suffrage will be exercised by the rule of one-person, one-cast vote  personally in secret by such member. No vote may be  cast in absentia. 


          4.1       Annual membership[ dues shall be twenty five ($25.00) per year, fifteen dollars ($15.00) for student, seventy-five dollars ($75.00) for three years, or two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) for lifetime. Associate membership dues shall be twenty dollars ($20.00) for one year, fifty dollars ($50.00) for charter member, forty dollars ($40.00) for associate charter member. Said dues are payable immediately upon prospective submission of members application for membership. Five dollars ($5.00) of the yearly dues  represents the national dues. Membership dues are not refundable.

          4.2      After the initial membership dues are paid, annual dues shall be due and  payable on or before January 1st of each year there after.. If a renewing member pays his/her dues by October 31 st of the current year, he/she will be covered until December 31st of the following year.


          5.1       The elected officers of the organization shall be:

                      5.1.1      President
                      5.1.2      First Vice President
                      5.1.3      Second Vice President
                      5.1.4      Recording Secretary
                      5.1.5      Corresponding Secretary
                      5.1.6      Treasurer
                      5.1.7      Assistant Treasurer
                      5.1.8      Auditor
                      5.1.9      Two Public Reltions Officers
                      5.1.10    Business Manager
                      5.1.11    Four Board of Directors

          5.2       The term of office for all elected officers shall be two years

          5.3       No officers may be re-elected to serve more than two consecutive terms in the same office.


          6.1        Composition

                       6.1.1    The Consultant shall be composed of the Advisers and all past presidents.                        
                       6.1.2    The incumbent president of the association shall be ex-officio member of the council.  

          6.2        Functions

                       6.2.1     Privilege to attend Board of Directors' meeting without voting privileges.

                       6.2.2     Recommends ways and means to foster the purposes of the association.


          7.1       The regular biennial election of the officers of the organization shall be conducted on the last quarter of the second year.

          7.2        A candidate must be an active member in good standing. He/she shall announce his intentions to run for office one month before election day.

          7.3        A member is duly elected to the office if she/he receives a simple plurality of the votes cast on election day.

          7.4        A special Committee on Elections shall be appointed by the Executive  Board to coordinate the elections. No member of the appointed Commission on Elections can run for office.


          8.1       The President shall:

                                  8.1.1     Coordinate the activities of the organization
                                  8.1.2     Call for and preside over the regular and special meetings of the organization and the board.
                                  8.1.3     Represent the organization at all functions into the general public or assigns any board member to do so in his/her capacity.
                                  8.1.4     Countersign all disbursement of funds.
                                  8.1.5     Appoint all chair persons for the standing and special committee as assigned
                                  8.1.6     Perform other tasks as required by the position.

          8.2       The First Vice President shall:

                                  8.2.1     Assume the duties and powers of the President in his/her absence.
                                  8.2.2     Be responsible for the guidance for one standing committee especially the guidance of the committee's chairpersons.
                                  8.2.3     Enforce other duties and responsibilities as set forth by the Executive Board.
                                  8.2.4     Performs other tasks as assigned by the President or Board of Directors.

          8.3       The Second Vice President shall:

                                  8.3.1     Assumes the duties and powers of the President and First Vice President in the absence of both officers.
                                  8.3.2     Be responsible for the guidance of one standing committee especially the guidance of the committees' chairpersons.
                                  8.3.3     Enforce other duties and responsibilities as set forth by the Executive Board.
                                  8.3.4     Perform other tasks as assigned by the President or Board of Directors.

          8.4        The Recording Secretary shall:

                                  8.4.1    Take the minutes of all meeting and provide copies to the Board.
                                  8.4.2     Be the chief custodian of all the official records of the organization.
                                  8.4.3     Create and maintain organizations historical records, such as; changes and amendments of the constitutions and by-laws.
                                  8.4.4     Act as Corresponding  Secretary in his/her absence.

          8.5        The Corresponding Secretary shall:

                                  8.5.1     Give notices to all meetings.
                                  8.5.3     Keep and affix the official seal of the organization to all documents requiring the seal. 
                                  8.5.4     Be responsible for the guidance of one standing committee.
                                  8.5.5     Act as the recording Secretary in his/her absence.

          8.6        The Treasurer and the Assistant Treasurer in consorted efforts shall:

                                   8.6.1     Deposit all valuables, money, and other properties in a bank chosen and approved by the Executive Board in the                                                            name of the organization.
                                   8.6.2     Disburse funds as maybe directed by the President with the consent of the Executive Board. Any amount greater than                                                   one hundred dollars ($100.00) must be approved by the Executive Board.    
                                   8.6.3     Maintain all of the financial records of the organization.
                                   8.6.4     Account for all financial matters of the organization including but not limited to membership dues, donations                                                                   and expenses.          
                                   8.6.5     Submit a written financial report to each Executive Board meeting, and a written audited report to the general                                                                 membership meeting.
                                   8.6.6     Present all records for auditing as deemed necessary by the Board.

          8.7        The Auditor shall :

                                   8.7.1     Audit expenditures of the organization's funds and to complete such audit biannual.
                                   8.7.2     Submit report of the audit performed to the Executive Board every six months and to the general membership meetings.
                                   8.7.3     Be responsible for the guidance of the special committees
                                   8.7.4     Auditor shall assist the treasurers.
                                   8.7.5     Auditor shall seek external audits, as advised by the Board.

          8.8.       The Public Relations Officers shall:

                                   8.8.1     Be the chief liaison officer of the organization.
                                   8.8.2     Develop and coordinate all publications of the organizations including the quarterly newspaper.
                                   8.8.3     Be in charge of all press releases and reports concerning  the activities of the organization. All press releases shall                                                         have approval of the Executive Board. Anything not cleared through the Executive Board is considered unauthorized and                                                 does not bind the organization.
                                   8.8.4     Responsible for coordinating the organization's social and professional functions.

          8.9        Business Manager/Political Officer shall:

                                   8.9.1     Negotiate all business transactions for the organization as directed by the President or the Executive Board.
                                   8.9.2     Coordinate business and professional functions

          8.10      The Board Members shall:

                                   8.10.1   Assist the officers in the performance of their duties.
                                   8.10.2   Each one shall be responsible for the guidance of one standing committee.

          8.11.     The Board of Advisors shall:

                                   8.11.1   Guide the officers in the performance of their duties.
                                   8.11.2   Act as grievance arbitrators for any member/officer issues.
                                   8.11.3   Help promote the organization's business and professional interests.


          9.1        Standing Committees

                                   9.1.1     All standing committees shall consist of a chairperson and a co-chairperson, and at least two (2) members.
                                   9.1.2     Both chairpersons shall be appointed by the Executive Board.
                                   9.1.3     The chairperson shall be responsible for the guidance of his/her co-chairperson
                                   9.1.4     No standing committees shall take any policy action without approval of the Executive Board.
                                   9.1.5     There shall be the following seven standing committees:
                                                Continuing Education
                                                Licensure Preparation
                                                Budget and Finance
                                                Ways and Means
                                                Public Relations

          9.2        Special Committees:

                      Special committees shall be appointed as designated by the general membership or the executive board. The chairpersons and the                                 co-chairpersons shall be appointed by the executive board.

                                   9.2.1     By-Laws committee:  Shall be responsible for the preparation and presentation of any proposed                                                                                    amendments to the constitution during the general membership meeting. 
                                   9.2.2     Nomination and Election committee: Shall be responsible for the processing of nomination of the election and the                                                           coordination of the election logistics.


          10.1      The Executive Board shall meet once ( 1 ) a month.

          10.2      The regular general membership meetings of the organization shall be conducted at least twice ( 2 ) a year. The time, place and date of                     said meetings shall be set and publicized along with the copy of the proposed agenda to the membership body at least 30 days in advance of the said general membership.

          10.3       A biennial meeting for the purpose of electing officers shall be held on the first quarter of the year.

          10.4       Special meetings maybe called by the executive board at anytime with at  least seven ( 7) days prior notice to the membership body.

          10.5       A simple one fourth (1/4) of the memberships shall constitute a quorum for the purposes of conducting businesses. If a quorum is not                              reached at the  membership meetings, this by-law may be waived by a majority of votes of the members present in the said meetings.

          10.6       A simple majority or fifty plus one ( 50% + ! ) of the votes of members present voting at a meeting shall be necessary for the adoption of                          the matter voted upon.


          11.1      Any resignation shall be formalized by a letter of resignation addressed to the Executive Board.

          11.2       Any member of the Executive Board maybe removed from the office for any of the following reasons:

                                  11.2.1    Missing four (4) meetings in a year and on the third (3) absence a formal warning shall be issued.

                                  11.2.2    Violating any provisions of these by-laws.

          11.3       Such members will be given a full opportunity to be heard.

          11.4       Any vacancies may be filed by interim appointment of the Executive Board.
                       Fifty percent plus one ( 50% + 1 ) of the votes of the Executive Board shall be necessary for adoptive action.


          12.1       The By-Laws committee will submit to the general membership body ant proposed amendments to the constitution no longer than ninety
                       ( 90 ) days prior to the general membership meeting/convention. The general membership body may then submit in writing to the By-                               Laws committee any proposed amendments no later than sixty (60) days prior to the next Executive Board meeting. These By-Laws                                  maybe amended in whole or in part by a simple majority of fifty percent plus one (50% + 1) of the general membership at the convention.


          13.1      No part of the net incme or assets of this organization shall be used for the benefit of any private persons, members, or officers of the association.

          13.2      Any dissolution or termination of the association, all assets remaining after payment or provision for payment of all debts and liability of this association shall be distributed to any such organization as the Executive Board may direct, provided however that any transferee organization at the time of the distribution shall qualify as an exempt organization under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue code.

Tickets are now available for our upcoming 2022 Induction of Officers party in Palace Station (2411 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas). Register for tickets here. Please make a reservation by February 25 to ensure that you have a seat. See you there!

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