February 6, 2024

PAMET-NV Meeting Minutes January 2024

PAMET-NV Meeting Minutes: Saturday, January 13, 2024 12:45 PM – 3:30 P.M.

Venue: 10324 South Dapple Gray Rd Las Vegas NV Host: Angel and Patty Mercado

Attendance: Evelyn, Virgie and Alex, Shirley, Sonia, Lydia, Fita, Angel, Nelly and Jerry and Earlyn 

  1. Invocation was done by Virgie Quintin 
  2. Evelyn called the Meeting to order at 12:45 P.M. and a quorum was declared. 
  3. The November 12,2023 Meeting Minutes was read by Earlyn, approved by Lydia and seconded by Virgie.
  4. The Treasurer’s Financial Report was read and submitted by Lydia Coleman. The ending balance as of 11/01/2023 is $3,112.95. The report was reviewed and approved by Virgie Quintin, Auditor and seconded by Fita.
  5. Bloodwork Matters will be working with a $750 donation toward the 2024 QTPEN Scholarship Awards.  Constance Sugg and Jeanne Volpe are the major donors and sponsors for two QTPEN Scholarship recipients.  Two students will be determined for their qualifications based on PAMET NV criteria and the Scholarship Committee chaired by Shirley Cruzada.  Bloodwork Matters proposal as presented by our Adviser, Dr. Mark Volpe, via email The proposal was moved by Lydia Coleman and seconded by Fita Lim for acceptance.
  6. 25th Anniversary PAMET-NV Dinner Dance event for April 27, 2024 at the Sun Coast Hotel and Casino.  The following were discussed: 
    a) It was agreed that all officers will sponsor a $100 full-page ad to the souvenir program and at least complete and submit two other solicitations, or more.
    b) The updated Solicitation Cover Letter and Souvenir Program Advertisement Contract were distributed.
    c) Ticket sales and registration through the PAMET-NV website will need to be determined if our Webmaster Administrator, Cloency Chua, and Angel Mercado could assist.
    d) DJ and Ticket design and ordering of tickets were delegated to Jerry and Nelly Almoina
    e) Entertainment for the dinner dance was delegated to Sonia Snyder and Mila L.
    f) Raffle tickets sales was delegated to Earlyn Yuzon and family.   Earlyn asked all officers to bring two wrapped raffle prizes (no casino brand) on the day of our dinner dance.  Virgie volunteered to put together the Grand prize. 1st prize gift card by Sonia Snyder, 2nd prize gift card by Mila L.
    g)Evelyn and Fita will meet and finalize the contract with our Sun Coast Casino and Hotel representative by the end of January.
    h) Our event will be a No Host Bar.
    i) Liz Diquinia, the PAMET-USA President during the founding of PAMET-NV, has confirmed as our Guest Speaker. 
  7. Community Project: A one-time donation will be given by PAMET-NV Chapter to Gawad Kalinga. The amount will be determined after our 25th anniversary event.
  8. Open Business:  Formation of Event and Program Committees. 
  9. The next PAMET-NV meeting will be held at Shirley Cruzada’s home on February 10, 2024 at 11 A.M. 

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Minutes taken and submitted by: Earlyn P Yuzon, PAMET-NV Secretary