September 23, 2023

PAMET-NV Meeting Minutes September 2023

PAMET-USA Inc, Nevada Chapter September 17, 2023 Meeting Minutes

Venue and Host: Sonia and Paul Snyder’s Home

Attendance: Evelyn Sayre, Angel Mercado, Shirley Cruzada, Mila Lluisima, Elisa Cabiling, Lydia Coleman, Sonia Snyder, Ramesis and Eloisa Reyes, and Dr. Pete Racoma.

  1. The meeting was called to order at approximately 2:00 p.m. by Evelyn.  A quorum was declared. 
  2. The Invocation was done by Angel Mercado
  3. The Minutes of the August 27, 2023 Meeting was approved as corrected.  The Treasurer’s Report for the period of 08/26/23-9/17/23 was presented by Lydia Coleman.  The Auditor was not present to approve the report.  The online Stripe Fee was discussed, and it was determined that the Stripe fees are cumbersome to follow as it cannot be determined who made the payment and the charges are inconsistent from one payment to the next, e.g. for a $20 payment, a Stripe fee of $0.88 was charged, for a $25 payment, a Stripe fee of $1.03 was charged, and for another $25 payment, a Stripe fee of $3.29 was charged.  A motion was made by Lydia to not use the online Stripe payment system and instead to use the Zelle system for any monetary transaction.  Address Zelle payments to [email protected] as this is a dedicated email address for the PAMETNV Treasury.  The motion was seconded by Shirley and approved by those present. 
  4. The previously approved allowance of $250, per the Admin Manual, for the President’s or Representative’s attendance at the Executive Board Meeting or Convention, was not discussed but was conveyed to the Treasurer.
  5. Annual Picnic Update of Activities/Venue/Date/Time:

    Date of the Annual Family Picnic/Time/Place: Saturday, 10/14/23 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Oak Leaf Park located at 6303 Mesa Park Drive Las Vegas NV 89135.  Take I-215, then go West on Russell, turn left on Hualapai, then turn right on Mesa Park Drive.  Angel will design a flyer that will be disseminated to the members.

    It was suggested that the officers and members need to bring pre-wrapped prizes to be raffled at the picnic.    Members are to invite guests and bring food and drinks to share.  The following were assigned/volunteered: Banana Turon by Earlyn, Sotanghon by Lisa, Oxtail Kare Kare by Shirley, Cebuchon x2 by Sonia and Dr. Pete, Combo Adobo by Evelyn, Utensils and drinks by Lydia, Angel and Mila to be determined.  In addition, bring picnic chairs, as the picnic seats around the two picnic tables at each covered picnic site may not be enough.  All are encouraged to invite Lab friends from the different Labs in Las Vegas.
  6. A review of the 25th Founding Anniversary Advertisement Contract and Solicitation Cover Letter was done.  The Advertisement Contract was approved as presented.  The accompanying Solicitation Letter was reviewed with recommended revisions.  Evelyn will revise the letter.
  7. Other Business: The NAFFAA Invitation to the Inaugural Celebration Dinner for the Honorable Bella Aurora as the Philippine Honorary Consul of Southern NV was read.  The event is on Friday, 10/14/23, from 6p.m-11 p.m. at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.  Evelyn will attend this for PAMET NV.  Those who would like to attend will need to RSVP to Bernie Benito at 702-354-2132 by 10/6/23.  Zelle $60 fee to [email protected] Memo: Home Club and your Name.  Attire for the event is Formal/Cultural.

    The solicitation from PAMET USA Northern California’s 2nd Annual Memorial Service on 11/04/23 was presented.  The members decide to do this individually at their discretion.

    Election Nomination of PAMET NV officers will be done in December of 2024 for the next term of office, as the current officers agreed to continue their term of office through the end of 2024.  This will be further discussed at our November Meeting.

    The Host and Venue for the November 2023 meeting will be determined at our October Picnic.

    The Annual PAMETNV Christmas Party will be hosted by Ramesis and Eloisa Reyes on Sunday December 17, 2023

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at approximately 3:30 P.M.

Minutes submitted by: Evelyn Sayre in the absence of the Secretary and Assistant Secretary.